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    22 Wine Memes That Will Make Wine Lovers Laugh

    "Boys love confusing texts at 3 AM" — Wine.

    1. When you get that text.


    2. This easily achievable lifestyle.

    3. This truth.

    tarekbasha / Via

    4. And this.

    @Britt_Bax / Via Twitter: @Britt_Bax

    5. This ridiculous invention.

    6. And this amazing one.

    @pretty52 / Via Twitter: @pretty52

    7. A normal day in your life.

    @CoffeeBrue / Via Twitter: @CoffeeBrue

    9. This sign.

    aubergineoctopus / Via

    10. And this life goal.

    11. This terrible day.

    googleme420 / Via

    12. This feeling we've all felt at least once.

    aimsterskitz0rz / Via

    13. And this relatable mistake.

    @IACountryGurl / Via Twitter: @IACountryGurl

    14. This amazing poem.

    thefinewineofanxiety / Via

    15. This fun activity evening.

    16. This relatable label.

    17. When you do exercise.


    18. And when you actually want to work out.

    Casey Gueren / BuzzFeed

    19. When Jesus got it.

    @jigsawxyouth / Via Twitter: @jigsawxyouth

    20. When you finally get some balance in your life.

    21. When you get betrayed.

    22. And when you're finally home.

    @King_Vladdy / Via Twitter: @King_Vladdy

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