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What Was The Worst School Trip You Ever Went On?

Was it worse than visiting a sewage works, a factory, or the local supermarket?

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But most of the time it would end up being something terrible and “educational”, like a bread factory.

So tomorrow I'm being forced to go on a school trip around a fucking bread factory. Some days are just there as a test.

Or a supermarket.

My little sister is going on a school trip to tesco today. FUCKING TESCO 😭😂


Or your local high street.

So we don't have a school trip for like ages and when we finally do it's to Slough high street-.-

Or river measuring.

So tomorrow I'm on a school trip measuring a river in the middle of nowhere ! :/ I'm so excited NOT !

So, what was the crappiest school trip you ever went on? Let us know in the comments and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!