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What Was The Most Ridiculous Sex Rumour That Went Around Your School?

"Did you hear about that couple who used as Dorito bag as a condom?"

Every school had at least one of those ludicrous sex rumours that went around.

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Whether they were completely impossible...

There was a horrible rumor at my school about a couple who wanted to have sex under the bleachers but forgot a condom so they used a Dorito bag.


Genuinely disturbing...

There was this rumor all through my high school that this girl got gonorrhea in her eye. Allegedly she got it because she had a glass eye, and would take it out and let her boyfriend have sex with the socket. :/


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Slightly hilarious...

In my freshman year I fell and broke my wrist, and was in a huge cast for a long time. In senior year I found out that the rumour was that I had broken my wrist giving a blow job. Cool.


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Or completely DISGUSTING, we all fell for one at some point.

We had a rumour at my school about a girl who pooed on a priceless rug after sex & blamed the family dog & then the dog got put down. :(


So what was the most ridiculous sex rumour that went around your school? Let us know in the comments and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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