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What Was The Most Ridiculous Rumour That Went Around Your School?

"There was this girl at another school". Inspired by this Reddit thread.

Every school had those ridiculous, and sometimes hilarious, rumours that went round every classroom.

Whether they were bizarre rumours about a kid in your school... / Via Paramount Pictures

Ridiculous claims about sex...

Paramount Pictures. / Via

Silly celebrity rumours like ~that~ one about Mailyn Manson...

MarilynMansonVEVO / Via

He definitely didn't get a rib removed, guys.

Food horror stories, like the one about Sunny D turning you yellow...

YourRetroCommercials / Via

Or those rumours about a teacher from your school who had a completely ludicrous past...

MTV / Via

Probably a pro wrestler or a band member. Obviously none of these were ever true.

Whether it was a bizarre celebrity rumour, or one of those stories about "a girl at another school", we all believed one at some point.

TBS / Via

So what was the most ridiculous rumour that went around your school? Let us know in the comments and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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