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Posted on Oct 14, 2015

What Was The Crappiest Part You Ever Had In A School Play?

Because somebody has to play the chair.

We all played some pretty tenuous roles in school plays.

StudioCanal / Via

From caves.

Perry Dark/BuzzFeed / Via

Jordan Ballatine, BuzzFeed UK.

To trees.

John Haynes/Geograph / Via

Jamie Jones, BuzzFeed UK.

Andrew Huggett / Via

Submitted by @J9andIf.

And furniture.

Fred J/Wikimedia Commons / Via

Sian Butcher, BuzzFeed UK.

To the completely ridiculous.

Colibri1968/Creative Commons / Via

Alex Finnis, BuzzFeed UK.

So what was your crappiest school play part? Let us know in the comments and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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