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What Bad Teenage Fashion Choice Do You Regret The Most?

We all made some big mistakes.

We all made some regrettable fashion decisions as teens.

Whether you were into needlessly aggressive t-shirt slogans.

Wore literally anything Ed Hardy.

Ed Hary

Begged your mum to buy you these boots.

Or desperately coveted a Kappa tracksuit.

Ideally with poppers down the legs.

Whether you had a regrettable emo phase.

x2l2/Flickr / Via Flickr: takushi

Blame Avril.

Or just copied everything Lizzie McGuire wore, everyone made embarrassing teen fashion choices.

Disney Channel / Via

So what was your biggest teenage fashion regret? Tell us about the bad fashion choices via the DropBox below! Bonus points if you post a pic of you in that outfit!

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