We Need To Talk About Bullshit Fake Pockets On Women's Clothes

    Why have real pockets when you can have pointless fake ones instead?

    1. Of all the useless, ridiculous, most aggravating things to be put on clothing, fake pockets on women's clothes are by far the worst.

    2. It's honestly a joke.


    4. Where are we meant to put our things?

    5. Where are we supposed to put our phones?

    My new trousers have 5 fake pockets. WHY?!?!???!?!

    Yes, we have bags, but sometimes you don't want to carry a bag!


    7. And while we're here, let's discuss the complete lack of pockets on women's blazers too.

    8. They rarely have internal pockets.

    9. And then you get the pockets on women’s coats that are like vertical slits so you can’t safely store things in them.

    a song about women's winter clothing called "even my coat has no pockets"

    Because women don’t need to carry anything important ever!

    10. There are barely ever pockets on women’s workout clothes.

    Okay I get that there's a lot happening in the world right now but would pockets in women's workout shorts be too much to ask for

    Just hold everything in your hands while you work out. That will be fine!

    11. There are no pockets on women’s suit trousers either.

    This is what women's fashion looks like. Fake, useless pockets. WHY?

    It might ruin your silhouette, but that's a small price to pay for, you know, being able to carry your shit.

    12. And surprise, surprise, dresses and skirts rarely have pockets either!

    Thought my skirt had pockets but then I realised they were fake😒

    Unless they're fake, that is.

    13. But it's not just the bottom half of the women's section that's stuck in pocketless hell. Let's talk about the useless pockets on T-SHIRTS.

    As if anything can fit in there and will stay in there.

    14. What the fuck are we supposed to actually use them for?

    When you have a weird shirt pocket and a tiny kitten. ❤️😸

    Apart from, you know, housing tiny animals.

    15. Even babies get real pockets.

    16. So why the hell can't we?!

    Another pair of women's pants with another pair of fake pockets. #PocketInequality #LadiesLikePocketsToo

    17. Stop fucking doing this.

    18. Stop doing this immediately.

    19. Ban this shit right now.