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22 Things That Never Needed To Be Made Hipster

And you thought it was just food.

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3. Lighting.

every hipster interior design trend rolled into one god-awful lamp

4. Restaurant seats.

The chairs are getting a little too hipster around here. #Vancouver

Imagine sitting on those in a pair of short shorts.


5. Public toilets.

Old public toilet converted into a coffeeshop in Central London, it's called the @Attendantcafe & it's hipster Mecca.

Because they keep converting them into coffee shops and wanky cocktail bars.


16. Taps and sinks.

Oh dear...just walked into the #Byron toilet & a guy had mistaken this sink for a urinal. It's not that hipster here

Remember when washing your hands in a restaurant didn't make you feel like a Victorian scullery maid?