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22 Completely Bizarre Parts People Had In School Nativity Plays

Because someone has to play Jesus's nan.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the crappiest parts they ever had in a school plays – here are some of the most bizarre parts people played:

2) "I have alternatively played a giant raisin and a zebra in a nativity play."



3) "I was a bungalow in my school nativity. I think they ran out of all the good parts. You couldn't see my face."

—Sian Butcher, BuzzFeed UK

5) "In grade six, I was in a production of The Penguins Who Saved Christmas. It was a musical. I was a penguin, and I just waved a lot."

—Becca Loudon, Facebook

6) "I played a worm in a Christmas play. I had to crawl across the stage on my stomach in a costume that was an old granny petticoat."

—Ellie Anwen, Facebook


8) "I was a space alien who had landed on earth to witness the birth of christ and then take the message of the Lord back to my planet. Apparently I did it well, and I hope my peeps on Zarpath 3 have continued to follow the good book!"

—Will Bulteel, Facebook

10) I played lightning! We did a ridiculous nativity play about a dove bringing something to the baby Jesus but the dove got caught in a storm.

—Michaela Frances, Facebook


11) I was a chicken in the nativity. It really was not worth the effort, although my sister once played the wind.


13) "I was a badger in the nativity play when I was about six. I had to wear a mask and crawl on my hands and knees through the audience to the stage. I was accompanied by another badger, some hedgehogs and a couple of squirrels, and I still don't fully understand why."



15) "I went to elementary school in Canada so of course our Christmas play had to be about hockey. The story was that Santa didn't want to be Santa anymore, but a star hockey player.

I ended up being one of the hockey players on Santa's team. My one line was 'Santa has a great chance of winning this game'. I'm pretty sure I fucked it up though."


17) "I was Joseph in a Nativity play in kindergarten. The kindergarten had boys but apparently none were manly enough for the role. It did wonders for my body image as a young girl."


18) "I inexplicably played a belly dancer in the nativity when I was in year two, complete with a tiny belly dancer costume. It was weird."



20) "I once played a fairy light in a Christmas play whilst my friend played a piece of tinsel."


21) "I played the flag of Argentina and also 'the spirit of the 1980s' in a Christmas nativity in primary school."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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