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    19 Tumblr Posts About Being A Teacher That Are Just Funny

    "I'll wait."

    1. When your students don't quite have the same opinion as you.

    iwasyourteacher / Via

    2. When you really mess up.

    prokopetz / Via

    3. When you finally find a new way to make your class interested in learning.

    4. When you definitely don't have favourites.

    (You do.)

    5. When you see into your work BFF's classroom.

    6. When coffee is the only true love in your life.

    deathbyteaching / Via

    7. When a student is being super annoying.

    8. And you get to do this whenever you want.

    auburn-autumn-skies / Via


    9. When you have to deal with the school board.

    teachinginreallife / HBO / Via

    10. And school budgets aren't what they should be.

    11. When you're bored of meddling.

    youngprogressivevoices / Via

    12. When you have to interact with your students.

    teachinginreallife / Via

    13. When you're trying to teach the kids of today.

    gorlchan / Via

    14. When you get the last word.

    writteninthekitchensink / Via

    15. When your students actually think you're funny.

    lucifer-hemings / Via

    16. When you're being assessed.

    teachinginreallife / Via

    17. When you accidentally reveal your human side to your students.

    wtfrenchteacher / Via

    18. When you overshare with students but it's OK.

    cascashh / Via

    19. And when you actually make "the face".

    legalmexican / Via

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