21 Tumblr Posts About Being A Nurse That Are Way Too Real

    *goes to bathroom for luxurious 30-second rest*

    1. When you're still training.

    2. And you've got exams coming up.

    3. When the same patient keeps summoning you.

    4. When THAT patient gets discharged again.

    5. When the same stuff happens every day.

    6. When you try and pronounce a complicated drug name.

    7. When you're too witty for your own good.

    8. When you get a luxurious break.

    9. And have to psych yourself up in the bathroom.

    10. When you feel awkward.

    11. But then one day you get to this stage.

    12. When someone gets sassy.

    13. The night shift struggle.

    14. And when you're desperately trying to stay awake.

    15. When you lose track of time.

    16. When you're trying to avoid overtime.

    17. When you have big plans.

    18. When your friends don't understand why you can't hang out on a Friday night.

    19. When you have a horrible revelation just as you're about to fall asleep.

    20. When you see people dressed as nurses on Halloween.

    21. And when you get that amazing job satisfaction.