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19 Translators Who Had A Bad Day At Work

"French translation french"

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1. This translator who probably went out to lunch.

@DohMtl / Via Twitter: @DohMtl

2. This one who just got plain forgotten.

3. And this one who absolutely definitely speaks Spanish.

@Scheherezade_SL / Via Twitter: @Scheherezade_SL


4. The person who went with this strange translation for Sour Patch Kids.

@doitlikearaisin / Via Twitter: @doitlikearaisin

5. Whatever this toilet was trying to say.

@deanbarker / Via Twitter: @deanbarker

6. This amazing visual convulsion.

Seems like a bad thing for a toy to do...
@leemullin / Via Twitter: @leemullin

Seems like a bad thing for a toy to do...

7. The person who got a bit confused.

@MBlake482 / Via Twitter: @MBlake482

8. And the one who wasn't quite sure where zoo animals live.

@iainsharkey / Via Twitter: @iainsharkey

9. The person who just went with whatever.

copaceticbatgirl / Via

10. And the person who put this on a menu.

smarcuccio / Via

11. The foolish person who relied on Google Translate.

henriksen1 / Via

12. And the person that put this on their restaurant menu.

@GilesDJones / Via Twitter: @GilesDJones

13. The translator who made one small but important typo.

@olivergee23 / Via Twitter: @olivergee23

14. And this equally terrible typo.

@_0008045 / Via Twitter: @_0008045

15. This person who was pretty sure the gun had anger issues.

@emilyn982 / Via Twitter: @emilyn982

16. This person who got the words slightly in the wrong order.

@dacolon / Via Twitter: @dacolon

17. And this person who ended up with something alarming.

@siobhandevoy / Via Twitter: @siobhandevoy

18. The translator who got asked to translate this from Welsh to English, for some reason.

@iolocheung / Via Twitter: @iolocheung


19. And whoever was behind the translation of this classic movie.

naxir / Via