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22 Times Tumblr Accurately Summed Up Lesbian Dating

Lesbian request DENIED.

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1. When you're not sure if a girl is flirting with you.

2. And you're just terrible at flirting.

3. When they don't quite get the hint.

4. When the worst happens.

5. Or you're ~researching~ a new person.

6. Because you failed to follow the most important advice.

7. When you have to have this terrible conversation.

8. And this sort of thing happens.

9. When you realise this.

10. Because the struggle is real.

11. And you ask yourself this question.

12. So you attempt app dating.

It's not a lifestyle.

13. And then complete Tinder pretty quickly.

14. Because this image has become way too familiar.

15. When you're not sure what you want.

16. And you fall hard.

17. When you actually start dating a girl, but you're not out to everyone yet.

18. When you both have long hair and it gets in the way.

19. When the nails question comes up.

20. Or you make a visit to the STI clinic.

21. But that still doesn't stop this irrational concern occasionally.

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22. And of course, this eternal struggle.