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21 Times London Pigeons Were Extremely Relatable

Pigeons are honestly so relatable.

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1. When you first move to London and take a humblebrag tourist photo for your Facebook profile pic.

@nathan_southard / Via Twitter: @nathan_southard


2. And when you move into your first flat and it's absolutely tiny.

London housing crisis. Poor pigeon probably paid half a million for that.

3. When all your home friends are sending Snapchats of their wild night out and you're just stuck in your flat with FOMO.

@a_london_pigeon / Via Twitter: @a_london_pigeon

4. When your new housemate wakes you up at 3am and then doesn't apologise in the morning.

@hceedee / Via Twitter: @hceedee

5. When you have to dress like a grownup for work for the first time.

@FBarzotelli / Via Twitter: @FBarzotelli

6. When you're on a Tinder date and you both get way too smashed.

@squudge / Via Twitter: @squudge

7. When you get the last tube home when you're a bit drunk.

@UpdatesLDN / Via Twitter: @UpdatesLDN

8. When you order your first questionable drunk food.

@jamesboast / Via Twitter: @jamesboast

9. When you spot your one-night stand at Clapham Junction station.

@a_london_pigeon / Via Twitter: @a_london_pigeon

10. When you're hungover AF and there are no seats on the tube and you just want to die.

@albertf1810 / Via Twitter: @albertf1810

11. When you finally go home for a Sunday roast and your mum completely overfeeds you.

@pbr_miller / Via Twitter: @pbr_miller

12. And when your mum is complaining about how you don't visit enough and your grandma defends you.

@a_london_pigeon / Via Twitter: @a_london_pigeon

13. When you come back to work after a week of overeating during the Christmas holidays.

@Lindengate / Via Twitter: @Lindengate

14. When you bring cake to work for your birthday and your colleagues all appear from nowhere.

@moaningIisa / Via Twitter: @moaningIisa

15. When you're grabbing a coffee at the weekend and spot one of your work colleagues.

16. When you visit a new trendy London market for the first time and just end up window shopping because it's ridiculously expensive.

@KukuBLondon / Via Twitter: @KukuBLondon

17. When you and your friends try to have a fancy picnic in the park, but it's honestly just a little bit shit.

@sophie_gadd / Via Twitter: @sophie_gadd

18. When Starbucks is doing 50% off frappuccinos.

19. When you finally realise you're spending £50 a month on Pret breakfasts.

Muswell Hill Pigeon enjoying an M&S Choc Croissant #London

20. When you walk an past estate agent window and realise you will never be able to afford a house.

@squudge / Via Twitter: @squudge

21. And when you go on day trip to the seaside and wonder why you ever moved to London in the first place.

Why are we even here?
@mankypigeon / Via Twitter: @mankypigeon

Why are we even here?