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    27 Times BBC News Failed So Hard It Just Failed

    Bless the subtitle people.

    1. When BBC newsreader Simon McCoy picked up a bunch of paper thinking it was an iPad.

    2. When the presenter didn't turn up.

    3. When Obama came on to talk about how owls could help Syria.

    @bbcadnan This is my all time favourite so far. Season's greetings to you too! ⛄️🍺

    4. When it implied that John Kerry went to Baghdad for ~suspicious~ reasons.

    BBC News don't realise how funny that accidental mistimed subtitle was.

    5. When this was absolutely not Ed Miliband.

    I think the person who writes the captions for BBC News has completely lost the plot

    6. When the poor fairies were going to be disrupted.

    Well it would be hard to fly on those tiny wings in such strong winds... #subtitlefail

    7. When there was a weather warning for frogs.

    Better than cats and dogs, I suppose. #SubtitleFail

    8. When nobody cared about Declan Curry.

    9. When they interviewed a dog.

    10. When this man with an important degree came on as a guest.

    Have you tried turning it off and on again? #SubtitleFail

    11. When it excitedly announced that there were repairs happening to BEN BEN.

    12. When Scotland could expect heavy breasts.

    I always watch the BBC breast forecast @bbcweather subtitle fail lol

    13. And there was a forecast of multiple births.

    Some Mary-Kate and Ashley showers in places. #SubtitleFail

    14. But a very exciting forecast for Scott Munn.

    The United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Oh, and Scott Munn. #SubtitleFail

    15. When the news on iPlayer informed us about this worrying trade.

    #subtitlefail! MT @AlsBoy:The subtitling added unexpected entertainment value to this report about rhino horn trading

    16. When there was an extremely filthy segment about pigs.

    17. When there was an unfortunate slip-up regarding David Cameron's name.

    Looks like someone at the @BBCNews subtitle department is getting... promoted.

    18. When it called Oscar Pistorius's prosthetic legs something entirely different.

    Oh, Oscar. #subtitlefail @bbcbreakfast

    19. When Mike Soft had some thoughts about the Xbox.

    @bbcadnan Ok, I'm throwing subtitle fails into the mix. This one is ok...biding my time...😱

    20. When it gave a completely horrifying Glastonbury forecast.

    21. And when the weather included outbreaks of Sharia law.

    22. When there was this disturbing segment about getting your five a day.

    Helpful family planning advice from the BBC News channel - the natural option? #subtitlefail @BBCNews

    23. When the queen and Duke of Edinburgh travelled in a beautiful cabbage.

    Love and marriage...goes together like a horse and cabbage... #subtitlefail via @andytuk

    24. And when there were a bunch of ballbags of salad.

    #subtitlefail! MT @JohannFux: Seriously, Twitter?.. but only @NorthernGiraffe appreciates this subtitling error?!

    25. When the presenter was very fucking forward.

    @BBCJLandale Just wanted to share this lovely subtitle fail :)

    26. When someone in the captioning department got a bit too excited about the Large Hadron Collider.

    27. And when it was the year of the whores.