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21 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Your Parents

Parents: YOUR ROOM IS SUCH A MESS. Me: this is my design

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1. When you wait for food.

hysterifun / Via

2. When they don't want you to be cool.

jacksmannequin / Via

3. When you get found out.

slydigged / Via

4. When they're really predictable.

count-sudoku / Via

5. When they make the loudest sounds in the world.

aintnobodygotmoneyfodat / Via

6. Yet somehow have magic hearing.

7. When they put the fear of god in you.

Oh nooooo.
dreadtornado / Via

Oh nooooo.

8. And when your mother knows everything about you.

matthewsagan / Via

9. When you do the walk of shame.

10. When they ask ~that~ question.

11. Honestly, it's not worth asking.

bragged / Via

12. When they don't respect your hobbies.

thespeedoofsolomon / Via

13. When they go on your computer.

unescapable / Via

14. And when you feel like an idiot.

best-text-posts / Via

15. When your friends have chill parents and you don't relate.

florats / Via

16. When you rebel against their teaching.

may / Via

17. When they leave you home alone.

downwitharistotle / Via

18. When they don't respect your aesthetic.

fairydeathprincess / Via

19. When you leave your room at night.

20. When you disrespect them in the greatest way.

trust / Via

21. And when you have this conversation with them.

fakemermaid / Via

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