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    19 Completely Unrealistic Body Image Goals

    How are we meant to live up to these standards of beauty?

    1. Real women don't have cone shaped pointy heads.

    2. Their feet don't go down to a stiletto point.

    3. And their heads don't rotate 180° on their torsoless bodies.

    4. How are women meant to live up to these unrealistic beauty expectations?

    5. Because real women don't look like this.

    6. No real woman could live up to this standard of reptilian beauty.

    7. Kids aren't safe from society's crushing enforced beauty norms.

    8. And this kind of thing is just going to be damaging for kids who can't naturally grown their arms this long.

    9. Men definitely aren't safe from society's harsh body expectations.

    10. It's no wonder there's a crisis of masculinity when men are being told to look like this.

    11. Their arms will never look like this.

    12. And most men will never look like this, no matter how much time they spend at the gym.

    13. Normal people don't have faces like this.

    14. Real women don't look like this without photoshop.

    15. And this isn't a realistic head type for women to aspire to.

    16. Society needs to stop with the unrealistic body types.

    17. This is just setting an unfair standard of beauty.

    18. This is not goals.

    19. And it just needs to stop.