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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Dating A Morning Person

    I just want to sleep in.

    1. Usually they’ll be up and dressed before you’ve even contemplated opening your eyes.

    2. Which can sometimes be good, because they'll have done loads of chores before you're even awake.

    3. And they're always pestering you to get out of bed.

    4. Sometimes they'll be coming home FROM THE GYM while you're still sleeping.

    5. They see no problem in starting a full conversation at 7am.

    6. And ask you difficult questions first thing in the morning.

    7. They even see no problem with calling you at 8am.

    8. They only have to set one alarm in the morning.

    9. Where as you probably set loads and snooze constantly.

    10. Their idea of sleeping in on the weekends is very different to yours.

    11. Because they feel like you're wasting time when you're sleeping in on the weekends.

    12. Your idea of morning sex and their idea of morning sex take place at verrrrrrrrrryy different times of the day.

    13. And they're always wanting to go out for really early breakfast on weekends.

    14. Because honestly, sometimes it's like living in another time zone.

    15. You can't understand how they leave the house looking so put-together every day.

    16. Whereas you randomly pick your clothes up from the floordrobe in a panicked rush every morning.

    17. Every morning they actually make breakfast, while you're just about able to drink a cup of coffee.

    18. And sometimes you can barely cope with their perkiness.

    19. But while they may wake you up at an ungodly hour occasionally, at least they make you breakfast sometimes.