27 Things You’ll Understand If You Went To A Crap British School

So many lunchtime seagulls.

1. Your main building was probably built in the 1960s, and was a total shithole.

Trevor Harris

Roger Templeman / Via geograph.org.uk


Half the windows didn’t open.

2. And you definitely had a number of appalling “temporary” classrooms that should have been demolished years ago.

Scriniary / Via geograph.org.uk

They were always FREEZING in winter.

3. All of your classrooms had this exact carpet.

Titus Tscharntke / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Except with way more stains and trodden in gum.

4. All of the corridors were completely soulless.

Lewis Clarke / Via s0.geograph.org.uk

Some didn’t even have windows.

5. And the time between lessons always involved corridor bundles.

BBC / Via youtube.com

Sometimes you would have to dive into another classroom to save yourself.

6. Your PE changing rooms were extremely grimy.

Limysei1235/BuzzFeed / Via upload.wikimedia.org

They probably had weird showers that nobody used.

7. It wasn’t unheard of to share a textbook between three people.

lady-birdsxxx / Via ebay.co.uk

8. And all of your textbooks had years worth of graffiti in them.

@alparryalice / Via Twitter: @alparryalice

“Turn to page 60”
“Your mum”

9. Instead of buying multiple copies, your teacher would photocopy all your revision homework from the school’s single copy.

bethany_eve23 / Via ebay.co.uk

Which was completely battered.

10. Your PE equipment looked like this.

Antranias/Creative Commons / Via pixabay.com

11. And your football goals definitely didn’t have any nets.

Rich Tea / Via geograph.org.uk

That is, if your school field hadn’t been sold off to property developers.

12. All your school trips were probably really shit.

Ruth Sharville / Via s0.geograph.org.uk

Like a geography trip to the local high street to look at “urban planning”.

13. You had an intense rivalry with the nearest private school.

Channel 4 / Via giphy.com

And you probably weren’t allowed to play them in sports games because of ~violence~.

14. Some extremely specific things were banned because a weird playground black market had developed.

kimsboutique2012 / Via go.redirectingat.com

Candy necklaces, Toxic Waste candy, compasses etc.

15. And you always had assemblies about the new menace that was taking the school by storm.

National Assembly For Wales / Via Flickr: nationalassemblyforwales

“And that’s why charity wristbands are banned from now on.”

16. Your school lunches came in white paper bags and involved a load of these.

Creative Commons / Via pixabay.com

17. At least one science class got banned from using bunsen burners because someone took it too far and set fire to a pen/their tie/a book.

The Kingsway School / Via Flickr: kingway-school

18. You never wore your uniform properly.

Amy Powers/BuzzFeed

19. And when you wore a tie, you were used to getting peanutted.

lumpofwood / Via youtube.com


And had methods to stop it.

20. All the radiators were always too hot or not on at all.

SCEhardt/BuzzFeed / Via upload.wikimedia.org

21. There was at least one window that got smashed by a football.

22. There was definitely a tree on the field that people smoked behind.

Seo Mise/BuzzFeed / Via geograph.org.uk

23. And you saw your fair share of bin fires.

lol someone set fire to the bin at school

— Scott (@scottwhite96)

24. All your classroom desks had years worth of gum stuck underneath them.

Well done to all those who contributed to PSC's under-the-desk chewing gum collection:

— Laura Saraby (@laura_saraby)


25. And your walls were always being graffitied.

@thomtownsend / Via Twitter: @thomtownsend

26. Seagulls came out every lunchtime to attack you

Brocken Inaglory/BuzzFeed / Via upload.wikimedia.org

Even though your school was nowhere near the sea.

27. But even though it was completely crap, it definitely made you who you are today.

Channel 4 / Via pbs.twimg.com

Really fucking scared of seagulls, to be honest.

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