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17 Things You'll Understand If You Just Really Love Pizza Express

I love you, doughballs.

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1. You spend absolutely ages debating what to eat every time.

And then order the exact same thing.

2. Although, obviously you would never order pasta.

It's not called Pasta Express is it?

3. You have opinions about ~that~ pizza with salad in the middle.

You're either strongly against it and think it should be banned, or you order it every time. There is no inbetween.


5. Because you will always suggest Pizza Express literally any time anyone wants to meet for dinner.

6. The greatest joy in the world is getting an extra doughball.

7. And you genuinely miss the Nutella doughballs.

RIP Pizza Express Nutella doughballs, gone too soon.

8. You have actually noticed when the menu changes.

Can't believe Pizza Express have taken the carbonara pizza with the egg off the bloody menu. The world has forsaken me

And the staff uniform. It's not creepy.


9. And you probably feel quite sad when they take things you like off the menu.

I miss you every day, Carbonara pizza.

10. You have attempted to recreate the Pizza Express experience at home, but it's just not the same.

Needs more of those blue water glasses that look like candles.

11. Though obviously you put that delicious sauce on everything you make at home.

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13. You’ve definitely been on a few dates there.

It is basically the ideal second date location.

16. Because there's always room for proper dessert