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    24 Pictures You'll Recognise If You Live In An All-Girls House

    That one random hair tie on the floor in the lounge.

    1. Beautiful shower wall art.

    2. And obviously, all the mysterious hairballs in the living room.

    3. That one gross towel with hair dye marks on it.

    4. And the white towel with foundation stains all over it.

    5. A ludicrous number of bottles in the shower.

    the bathroom becomes a wonderful place in an all girls house

    6. The bottle of basically unused cheap shampoo, belonging to the girl who nicks everyone else's nicer stuff.

    7. And the fancy skin products that you hoard in your bedroom so the same girl doesn't borrow them.

    8. An exciting variety of sanitary items.

    When you live in a house of all girls

    9. A set of tweezers that everyone secretly uses for all manner of gross things.

    10. A stray eyebrow.

    11. One single false eyelash in a random place from someone's night out.

    12. White pillow cases with mascara stains.

    13. A sad, lonely bra strap.

    14. A chairdrobe in everyone's room.

    15. Important fridge supplies.

    16. Prosecco bottles waiting to be taken to the recycling bin.

    17. A single hair tie on the floor in the lounge.

    18. Various face products going dusty next to the sink.

    19. More toothbrushes than girls who live in the house.

    20. One gross, rusty razor lingering in the shower.

    21. A single sock that belongs to nobody, drying on the radiator for the foreseeable future.

    22. One of those weird sock things that's always stuck in the washing machine.

    23. A pair of underpants that belong to someone's ~guest~.

    The things I find in my house😂 we live with all girls @squidnaaasty

    24. And an endless number of hair slides lying around the house.