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    17 Things You'll Recognise If You Live In A Shitty Apartment

    So many collapsed Ikea drawers.

    1. These exact Ikea drawers that only ever look like this.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    Your clothes just end up trapped in there forever.

    2. One of these perpetually broken lampshades.

    @rebeccacgriff / Via Twitter: @rebeccacgriff

    Have these things ever NOT been broken?

    3. This specific table, with one wobbly leg.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    It doesn't really serve any purpose other than collecting dust.

    4. This exact bookcase, with at least one collapsed shelf.

    @techpractical / Via Twitter: @techpractical

    From Ikea's misery landlord range.

    5. This kind of bed arrangement.

    @ewrzesinski17 / Via Twitter: @ewrzesinski17

    Being rich is being able to sleep on a bed that doesn't sound like an accordion every time you turn over.

    6. This sort of exciting interior design.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    Just a sink in a cupboard in the lounge, nothing weird about that.

    7. And this kind of bizarre accessorising.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    This kind of thing only makes sense to landlords..

    8. This highly impressive DIY.

    @AnnaBowes / Via Twitter: @AnnaBowes

    So neat.

    9. This.

    @confettipocket / Via Twitter: @confettipocket

    10. This beautiful wall decoration.

    @totalkhaos / Via Twitter: @totalkhaos

    "Just open the windows and put the heating on" – all landlords.

    11. And this fantastic repair.

    @AmyWemhoener / Via Twitter: @AmyWemhoener

    12. This absolutely perfect blind installation.

    @WilliamTysonn / Via Twitter: @WilliamTysonn

    13. This craftsmanship.

    @BensTalkShow / Via Twitter: @BensTalkShow

    14. This quality engineering job.

    When you have a leak in the ceiling but your landlord cheap as hell

    15. Really, you can fix anything with some duct tape.

    @MsLisaHerbert / Via Twitter: @MsLisaHerbert

    Looks fine.

    16. This kind of landlord cheapness.

    @plymouthgas / Via Twitter: @plymouthgas

    17. And this excellent lock replacement.

    @liverpoollocks / Via Twitter: @liverpoollocks

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