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18 Things You'll Get If You're Not An Early Bird Or A Night Owl

Shoutout to all the other permanently exhausted pigeons.

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1. You've never understood the concept of being an early bird.

2. Because you hate waking up.

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3. And you always have to set loads of alarms in the mornings.

@MorganMakenna16 / Via Twitter: @MorganMakenna16

4. But you still sleep through most of them anyway.

@pakalupapito / Via Twitter: @pakalupapito

5. You're always bloody tired in the mornings.

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6. Your idea of hell is getting up super early to exercise.

me: if i get up at 6, i can workout and then nap after class also me: if i don't get up early i can sleep longer and nap and not workout


7. Because you don't really get going till about 11am.

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8. You pretty much rely on coffee to get anything done.

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9. But this doesn't mean you stay up late every night.

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10. Because you're not a night owl either.

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11. In fact, you don't like staying up late at all.

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12. You were never one of those people who could stay up late studying for an exam.

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You'd just have fallen asleep at your desk anyway.

13. And you can barely cope with late-night showings at the cinema.

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14. You've been known to leave a party early to go home and sleep.

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15. So you pretty much do all of your socialising and decent work between 11am and 4pm.

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16. Because sleeping is basically your favourite thing to do.

17. And nothing makes you more mad than getting woken up in the night.

when you didn't get enough sleep and people are trying to talk to you.

18. Honestly, you're basically just a permanently exhausted pigeon.

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