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21 Things Anyone Who Went To Osmington Bay Will Understand

There was always one person who cried at the prospect of going abseiling.

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1. You decided who you were going to share a room with weeks in advance.

Instagram: @hannah_heimn

And at least one group had a falling out over it.

2. And you ate your own bodyweight in Haribo on the coach on the way down.

Flickr: visionofheaven / Creative Commons

3. When you arrived, you thought the little white cabins looked ~really cool~.

Looking back it did sort of look like a prison camp.

4. The first thing you saw was the high ropes, and you spent the whole time you were there wanting to go on them.

Flickr: ymcacampcampbellgard / Creative Commons

5. And when you eventually got to go on them, the leap of faith made you feel like a complete badass.

6. For the trip your school told you to pack only “old clothes”, which were probably some old LA Gear trackies that were a size too small.

Happy birthday my bro🔞 lovely osmington bay tb here😂❤️❤️ @DaniellCurrann

7. But you probably still did a supermarket sweep of the Millets waterproof clothing section before you went.

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8. For all the activities you were forced to wear a helmet that barely fit your head.

Had a great weekend at Osmington Bay (wearing gear because we went on a giant swing)

But it was quite fun to bash heads with your mates while wearing them.

9. There was always one person in your group who cried at the prospect of going climbing and abseiling.

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Which was hilarious (unless it was you).

10. But there was no better feeling than overcoming your fears and sailing to glory on the zip-line.

Year 7 at PGL Osmington Bay: what a zip wire!

11. If your group were first to go on the quad bikes, you absolutely rubbed it in all your friends' faces.

Abbie racing through the puddles.#Osmington Bay

Unless you smashed into the tyres and ended up giving your teacher a heart attack.

12. But finding out that your first activity of the day was orienteering was the worst news.

"Just...just leave me here to die."
Flickr: owls-count / Creative Commons

"Just...just leave me here to die."

13. Unless your group had to do HIKING.

You probably complained for the first 10 minutes and then you loved it.
Flickr: adpowers / Creative Commons

You probably complained for the first 10 minutes and then you loved it.

14. Or you were there for some sort of geography trip.

Fieldwork at Osmington Bay this weekend @yearoffieldwork

Looking at rocks < ziplining.

15. When you got to do fencing you felt like it was going to be a really vital skill in your life.

Flickr: c_r_i_s / Creative Commons

16. After a long hard day of activities you went to the canteen, where you ate exclusively chips for the entire week.

Or chips and pasta.
Miansari66 / Via

Or chips and pasta.

17. If you went in secondary school, there was probably one group that managed to bring alcohol on the trip.

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And tried to organise some sort of lame room party.

18. But even if you went in primary school, you probably stayed up really late on the first night.

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Because there were no parents to tell you to go to sleep.

19. But most of the time you were so knackered from all the orienteering etc. you fell asleep immediately.

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20. Once you got home, your mum complained about having to wash all that mud off your clothes.

At least you wore old clothes...
Flickr: leszekleszczynski / Creative Commons

At least you wore old clothes...

21. But despite all the mud, you were willing to go back just to do it all over again.

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