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17 Things You'll Get If You Can't Take Compliments

Someone: You look pretty. Me: happy birthday.

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1. You've always been this way.

Probably because of school.
enterthedreamatorium / Via Twitter: @NefretariM

Probably because of school.

2. Most of the time you just have no idea how to respond.

unshrink / Via

3. So usually you end up saying something weird.

matte97 / Via

4. Sometimes you try to laugh it off.

5. But you can't control your face half the time.

@michelala21 / Via Twitter: @michelala21

6. You can give compliments, but you just can't receive them back.

@raecrvz / Via Twitter: @raecrvz

7. A lot of the time you're not sure whether people are being sincere.

blossomfully / Via

8. You try really hard to take them.

gierlichmypussy / Via Twitter: @joythomps

9. Because you really want to be able to be chill about compliments.


10. Even if you manage to react normally you're still screaming on the inside.

silkyprada / Via

11. You're always self-deprecating.

dogiplier / Via

12. Always.

@HiImGarbage / Via Twitter: @HiImGarbage

13. If someone says something nice to you, you just can't seem to believe it.

@pishackles / Via Twitter: @pishackles

14. You definitely don't trust compliments from your own family.

ihaveaverylongname / Via

15. Or boys.

nomediocre / Via

16. Sometimes you're just really shocked.

17. But every now and then you do manage to graciously accept a compliment.

egobuzz / Via