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    24 Weird Things You Find In Every School Staffroom

    These specific chairs.

    1. These specific chairs.

    @daddyash9 / Via Twitter: @daddyash9

    In a really relaxing straight line arrangement.

    2. Or these ones with arms if your school is really fancy.

    marshallsofficefurniture / Via

    3. Unclaimed Tupperware.

    Mark Larson / Via

    "Hi can everyone please take their Tupperware home by 3pm on Friday or it will be thrown out" - every week.

    4. A vast number of best teacher mugs.

    Russ - Berrie / Mugmall / Via

    5. Passive aggressive signs about the washing up.

    @Bourke786 / Via Twitter: @Bourke786

    And tea theft.

    6. A single stained teaspoon.

    @The_Black_Arrow / Via Twitter: @The_Black_Arrow

    What happened to all the other teaspoons? Nobody knows.

    7. A dirty Sports Direct mug.

    8. Overflowing pigeon holes.

    GerryJ10 / Via Flickr: gerryj10

    9. Industrial sized barrels of instant coffee.

    ebuyer / Via

    Teachers are fuelled by the stuff.

    10. A retirement card for people to sign.

    @robinson8799 / Via Twitter: @robinson8799

    Someone's always retiring.

    11. Cake.

    Ted Eytan / Via Flickr: taedc

    It's always someone's birthday.

    12. And cake that people have eaten in a horrific fashion.

    Nick Richards / Via Flickr: nedrichards

    13. Christmas biscuits.

    house777yellow / Via

    Pretty much all year round.

    14. Someone's questionable home baking.

    @adamlspinks / Via Twitter: @adamlspinks

    To be avoided at all costs.

    15. Microwaves covered in mysterious orange gunk.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    Years worth of reheated congealed curry and bolognese.

    16. Chinese food container lids.

    @AUtitude / Via Twitter: @AUtitude

    17. Some gone off milk.

    @HashPiperdy / Via Twitter: @HashPiperdy

    18. A limescaled kettle.

    Henna / Wikimedia Commons / Via

    19. A selection of random long-forgotten items confiscated from students.

    gargarkni / Via

    Probably never to be returned.

    20. Impractical low down tables.

    Ryry07 / Wikimedia Commons / Via

    That you can't really use for working on.

    21. This exact ceiling and lighting arrangement.

    Adamantios / Via

    22. This type of clock.

    Acctim / Via

    23. A pile of someone's abandoned marking.

    SergeantBolt / Creative Commons / Via

    24. No teachers.

    Christine McIntosh / Via Flickr: goforchris

    As if they have time to hang around in the staffroom.

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