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21 Things You Find In Every Hipster Bar

So many Edison lightbulbs.

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1. A location that used to have another purpose.

Like a car park, tube station, or a public toilet.


4. Random mismatching antique furniture.

5. And beer crate seats and pallet tables outside.

So great when you're wearing a skirt.

7. Beer served in mason jars.

Michael Richardson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mtrichardson

This is all very well if you live in the Deep South, but a bit baffling elsewhere. And they're still somehow the same price as a full-sized pint.


8. Macaroni cheese as a bar snack.

Michael Rivera / Via

Macaroni cheese, the casual bar snack you can easily eat with your hands and share with friends!! Usually with some fun twist like added bourbon or gravy or molasses bacon.

11. A sort of hard-to-read chalkboard menu behind the bar.

Sadly the Edison bulbs don't provide enough light for nighttime chalkboard reading.


12. Loads of exposed, un-sanded wood everywhere.

A little bit splintery.