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    24 Things Women Can Finally Do

    At last.

    1. Park their cars.

    @windmills / Via Twitter: @windmills

    I've been driving round the block looking for a parking space for the last six years so this is a relief.

    2. Listen to music.

    @peterdamien / Via Twitter: @peterdamien

    At last, we can find out what the men have been talking about all this time!

    3. Read books.

    @Gabcsika_Me / Via Twitter: @Gabcsika_Me

    Don't worry, they're all about diets and how you can improve your terrible life.

    4. Smoke weed.

    @Snappleyard / Via Twitter: @Snappleyard

    Women, you can get high and still retain your ladylike charm!!

    5. Write with pencils.

    @lana_delgatsby / Via Twitter: @lana_delgatsby

    And you thought it was just pens!

    6. Learn to play the ukulele.

    @SarabiForPres / Via Twitter: @SarabiForPres

    I imagine it only teaches you how to play sad Joni Mitchell songs.

    7. Hammer things.

    @Shutupkim_ / Via Twitter: @Shutupkim_

    Screw a shelf bracket to the wall ~femininely~.

    8. Make their cars smell nice.

    @aaitkenradburn / Via Twitter: @aaitkenradburn

    I guess the regular air freshener for dudes smells like whisky and guns.

    9. Maintain their vehicles.

    @Jason_Dawe_Com / Via Twitter: @Jason_Dawe_Com

    I wonder if vehicle maintenance for women is different to vehicle maintenance for men?

    10. Play with Nerf guns.

    @trinculo73 / Via Twitter: @trinculo73

    Boys have had the monopoly on foam dart–shooting toy weapons for way too long!

    11. Go fishing.

    @The411on916 / Via Twitter: @The411on916

    I guess it only catches lady fish?

    12. Consume tuna spread.

    @miss_mcinerney / Via Twitter: @miss_mcinerney


    13. Eat bread.

    @anagomulka / Via Twitter: @anagomulka

    Normal bread is basically 100% testosterone. Probably.

    14. Buy spinach.

    @YeahSkoraYeah / Via Twitter: @YeahSkoraYeah

    Good news ladies, we can finally get some of that spinach men have been keeping for themselves all this time.

    15. Consume alcohol.

    @Sal0mey / Via Twitter: @Sal0mey

    Don't you dare order a beer!

    16. Drink from a hip flask.

    @holIyshort / Via Twitter: @holIyshort

    And of course it's glittery and more expensive than the one for men.

    17. Drink tea.

    Without the pink packaging and patronising blurb, I wouldn't have known this tea was for women! Thanks @Pukkaherbs!

    18. Punch things.

    @profmdwhite / Via Twitter: @profmdwhite

    It has a "softer feel" for your delicate lady hands.

    19. Play golf.

    @kawaiisonny / Via Twitter: @kawaiisonny

    I'm pretty sure there's exactly the same...

    20. And buy golf balls.

    @tibutler / Via Twitter: @tibutler

    Ladies: Don't ever touch a regular golf ball, you have no idea what could happen.

    21. Wear false moustaches.

    @emilycclare / Via Twitter: @emilycclare

    I don't know why, but I'm excited to have this opportunity.

    22. Protect their hands from the harsh garden environment.

    @ariesphobic / Via Twitter: @ariesphobic

    No more thorns in your hands, ladies!

    23. And water their gardens.

    @FirePatronus / Via Twitter: @FirePatronus

    But only the most feminine plants.

    24. Block out the sound of the patriarchy.

    @Ilana / Via Twitter: @Ilana

    Use them at parties when dudes are mansplaining your job to you.

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