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    Updated on Jun 15, 2019. Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    23 Tumblr Posts That Will Actually Make Lesbians Laugh

    "Hey girl, you don't just look good you look lesBIEN"

    1. This description of your dating life.

    2. And this explanation of trying to find a date.

    3. This double standard.

    @lm_Tricia / Via

    4. This excellent visual pun.

    5. This borderline dad joke.

    6. And this slightly terrible one.

    7. This accurate description of serious relationships.

    8. This horrible threat.

    9. And this.

    10. This helpful advice.

    11. This rhyme.

    12. These useful definitions.

    13. This wayyy too accurate gif.

    14. This ridiculous fear.

    15. This truth.

    16. This board game.

    17. And these cards.

    18. This accurate conversation.

    19. This representation of flirting.

    20. This perfect reaction to shit jokes.

    21. And this important question.


    Obviously we take it in turns to release them into the wild.

    22. This act of lesbian heresy.

    23. And this sign.

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