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    19 Extremely Upsetting Wine Fails

    What did wine do to deserve this?

    1. This complete failure.

    @TrishTreks / Via Twitter: @TrishTreks

    Oh god.

    2. And this one that went horribly wrong in so many ways.

    @ibushfield / Via Twitter: @ibushfield

    3. This rosé that got frozé.

    @GingerCatBlog / Via Twitter: @GingerCatBlog

    (I'm not even sorry.)

    4. And this person who accidentally made a wine and glass slushie.

    @setterhouse / Via Twitter: @setterhouse

    Mmm so crunchy.

    5. This tragedy.

    @winingnwriting / Via Twitter: @winingnwriting

    No, I don't know why they were trying to open a bottle of wine in a shower.

    6. This person who definitely fucked up in some way.

    @Vardovin / Via Twitter: @Vardovin

    What did you DO?

    7. And this person who didn't know their own strength.

    @letitbuzz / Via Twitter: @letitbuzz

    8. The person who made this fatal error.

    @ZoesStudio / Via Twitter: @ZoesStudio

    9. And every person who has ever made this mistake.

    @IACountryGurl / Via Twitter: @IACountryGurl

    10. This monumental fuck-up.

    @medicx21 / Via Twitter: @medicx21

    11. And this fail, which is probably a sign.

    JahnnaRandall / Via

    12. This person who gave up all hope.

    @Tofu_Mom / Via Twitter: @Tofu_Mom

    13. And the fool who made this terrible error.

    14. The salon that decided this was a legitimate pairing.

    o0Ch3LL30o / Via

    Mmmm, feet and cheese singles.

    15. Whatever the hell this is meant to be.

    Wife - How's your day going? Me - I'm drinking wine with a Wham bar in it

    16. Whoever wrote this deeply patronising description.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    17. Anywhere that serves wine in a pint glass.

    @LMattison / Via Twitter: @LMattison

    Oh the HUMANITY.

    18. This place.

    Was just served wine in a solo cup. In a restaurant. #classy


    19. And honestly, this restaurant that served wine in a baby bottle.

    @_meghanlyn / Via Twitter: @_meghanlyn

    Lol OK.