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    19 Things That Will Make British People Laugh For Once In Their Lives

    Having to carry your PE kit and food-tech things on the same day was the greatest stress of your life.

    1. How British people shower.

    2. This accurate tweet.

    To think that in y7 i was stressed over having to carry my pe kit and food-tech things on the same day, lmao

    3. These British lads overreacting to their friends doing normal stuff while drunk.

    4. This incredible piece of British graffiti.

    5. This definite fact.

    6. When Tamal perfectly summed up exams.

    7. This perfect representation of British summer time.

    8. This beautiful response.

    9. This very common situation.

    10. This rude sign.

    11. This extremely dull local newspaper story.

    The Warminster Journal - Hard edged, no-nonsense journalism. Maintaining the tradition of Great British local paper!

    12. And this extremely ironic British school cake sale.

    13. When TfL had a go at Apple Maps.

    14. This incredibly legit Greggs.

    15. This ridiculous queuing information sign.

    16. This rude word spelled out in a shop display.

    17. And this notice asking people not to do it.

    18. This great pun.

    19. And this.