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16 Things That Were Rebellious At School But Definitely Aren't Now

*Makes thumb holes in jumper*

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3. Cutting holes in your jumper sleeves so you could put your thumbs through them.

Sheldon / Via

Then: "These thumb holes represent my emo feelings and I don't care what the school says."

Now: "Probably not going to cut up this jumper that I have worked and paid for."


5. Writing in gel pen.

Emilian Robert Vicol / Via Flickr: free-stock

Then: "The school rules say black or blue ink only so this purple pen is really going to rock the boat".

Now: "Probably fine for me to do this."

Unless you're a doctor or something, then maybe don't write prescriptions in glittery gel pen.

6. Wearing a vast number of charity wristbands.

Matt Whitby / Via

Then: "My support of all of these causes is too much for the school to handle".

Now: "Wearing a Livestrong band now would be incredibly embarrassing."

7. Covering your arms in "shag" bands.

girls party bag fillers / Via

Then: "These colours apparently stand for different things and thus denote how many people I have made out with, and therefore how edgy I am."

Now: "Probably a bit weird to cover myself in jewellery indicating my specific sexual history."


9. Drawing a biro tattoo up your arms because you were bored.

Instagram: @emmabloodgood

Then: "People might almost think this is a real tattoo, AND I might get ink poisoning, I throw caution to the wind."

Now: "This just looks bizarre."

11. Pinging a ruler against a desk so it made ~that~ noise.

KMi, The Open University, UK / Via

Then: "This is going to piss off my teacher so much."

Now: "This is just probably going to confuse my colleagues and maybe lead to an email."


13. Slying listening to music by putting your headphone up your sleeve.

Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

Then: "The greatest deception there ever was."

Now: "Just going to listen to music with my headphones in like a normal person."

14. Not walking on the left side of the corridor.

Wikimedia Commons / Via

Then: "This corridor system is oppressive I am going to walk where I like."

Now: "I'm free to walk on whichever side of the corridor I want! Life is great!"

15. Setting up a crisps and sweets black market in the playground.

Delusion23/Wikimedia Commons / Via

Then: "I am a GENIUS master criminal getting round the school healthy eating policy."

Now: "Probably a bit weird to set up an underground snack network in my office."