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    23 Things That Were Ridiculously Valuable At School But Are Worthless Now

    Bless the school playground economy.

    1. Sticker albums.

    So many hours spent collecting and arranging, so meaningless now.

    2. Marbles.

    3. "Shag" bands.

    4. Beyblades.

    Responsible for so many lunchtime tears.

    5. Toxic Waste sweets.

    6. Pogs.

    7. Pokémon cards.

    8. Followed by Digimon cards.

    9. Shiny/fuzzy stickers.

    So sofftttttt.

    10. Football stickers.

    11. Baby aliens.

    12. Trolls.

    13. Beanie Babies.

    14. These weird monster head things.

    15. Edible necklaces.

    16. Conkers.

    17. Livestrong wristbands.

    18. Box tops book tokens.

    19. Pez dispensers.

    20. Hama bead crafts

    There was actually a limit to the number of fiddly custom coasters you needed.

    21. Blue Peter badges.

    22. Sweatbands.

    23. And these things.