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    23 Things That Were Ridiculously Valuable At School But Are Worthless Now

    Bless the school playground economy.

    1. Sticker albums.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed
    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    So many hours spent collecting and arranging, so meaningless now.

    2. Marbles.

    Joe Mabel / Via

    Pretty much got banned from every school because of some sort of marble-related violence.

    3. "Shag" bands.

    tinaforyou / Via

    Nobody ever knew what the colours "meant," but it was definitely something grown-up and rude.

    4. Beyblades.

    Responsible for so many lunchtime tears.

    5. Toxic Waste sweets.

    kimsboutique2012 / Via

    Definitely sold on the playground black market. Every school had that one kid who would eat five at once for a dare.

    6. Pogs.

    mvosshi / Via

    You hoarded these for no particular reason.

    7. Pokémon cards.

    shine1br / Via

    TBH finding a shiny Charizard on the street right now would be v exciting.

    8. Followed by Digimon cards.

    tnskikr003 / Via

    After Pokémon cards got banned.

    9. Shiny/fuzzy stickers.

    So sofftttttt.

    10. Football stickers.


    "Need Ryan Giggs, got 15 Shay Givens for swapsies."

    11. Baby aliens.

    toyland-1 / Via


    12. Trolls.

    hughespartytoys / Via

    Creepy bastards.

    13. Beanie Babies.

    vivienne2772 / Via

    Not valuable, it turns out.

    14. These weird monster head things.

    wowtastic_uk / Via

    Cheeky fuckers.

    15. Edible necklaces.

    tyrosupplies / Via

    Not to eat, to ping at people, obviously.

    16. Conkers.

    XCalPab / Via

    The most violent sport in the playground, after British Bulldog.

    17. Livestrong wristbands.

    tom_uncle / Via


    18. Box tops book tokens.

    Howard Lake / Via Flickr: howardlake

    Throwback to when you had to eat loads of cereal so your school could get books.

    19. Pez dispensers.

    Party2u / Via

    Or you could just cut out the middleman and eat the sweets straight out the packet.

    20. Hama bead crafts

    There was actually a limit to the number of fiddly custom coasters you needed.

    21. Blue Peter badges.

    enamels1974 / Via

    Turns out you can get them on eBay now :(

    22. Sweatbands.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    Only for wearing when not doing sport, obviously.

    23. And these things.

    TheBendster / Via

    There was always that one girl running a playground racket selling these.

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