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24 Things That Were Cool At School But Definitely Aren't Now

Bring back the spiked-up fringe.

1. Doing all your work in scented gel pens/bubble writing.

2. Filling PowerPoint presentations with endless animations and Word Art.

3. Owning an extensive sticker collection that you guarded with your life.

4. Spiking your fringe up and dyeing the tips blonde.

5. Rolling your skirt up.

6. Owning a tiny Nike Just Do it bag.

7. Only wearing your backpack on one shoulder, for coolness.

8. Writing your favourite band names and your celeb crushes on your bag.

reppin it at school//i drew this on my backpack during health today |-/ @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun

Go to a job interview with all the members of My Chemical Romance written on your backpack in biro and you might not get hired.

9. Using a Jane Norman bag to carry your PE kit.

10. Drawing on people you sit next to in biro because you're bored.

i found some friends in school and they drew stuff on me its cute

Drawing on your work colleagues is apparently frowned upon.

11. Covering everything you own in mini badges.

12. Graffitiing on toilet cubicle walls.

13. Owning a huge Nokia 3310.

14. Being able to do skateboarding tricks.

15. Sitting on the back row of the bus.

16. Wearing Livestrong bands.

17. Owning a number of "shag bands".

18. Wearing massive Baby G watches.

19. Cutting holes for your thumbs in your school jumper.

20. Owning light-up shoes.

21. Wearing Lynx body spray.

22. Writing in Parker Pen.

23. Drawing on the rubber of your Converse.

24. Writing Yes/No on an eraser and using it to make important life decisions.

Playing the eraser game in Chen never gets old @McCanceZ @David_Burton18 #yes #no #areyougay #hahaha

This is not a good way to live your best life.