19 Things That Summarise How Remain Voters Are Feeling Today

    *Screams into the void*

    1. At first you woke up feeling OK.

    2. But then you looked at your phone.

    3. And you saw the news.

    4. At first you thought it must be a mistake.

    5. "This can't be real! I've just woken up in some sort of dystopian hell!!" you thought.

    6. But then you realised: "Yes, everything is indeed fucked."


    8. And then you looked at the currency markets.

    There goes the £ https://t.co/1A8YuRDqit

    9. "Fuckkkkkk!!!!!"

    10. So you started reasoning in the most ridiculous ways.

    If the Queen uses her veto to keep us in Europe, I’ll build a shrine of stamps and photos of Kate Middleton at galas and worship at it daily

    11. And maybe you tried to see the funny side of things.

    I'm excited about our new Prime Minister

    12. And make light of the situation.

    13. But then you were once again overcome with despair.

    14. Occasionally you forget about it for a second, and then you remember again.

    15. "SHITTTT."



    18. "Oh well, at least there's still time to move to Scotland."

    I welcome all the peeps who want to move to Scotland ❤️ I'll stock up on teabags #MovingToScotland #WeHaveRoom

    19. "Let's just pretend 2016 hasn't happened."