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    39 Things That Mildly Thrill Everyone Who Works From Home

    The endless excitement when you get to sign for a neighbour's parcel.

    1. Waking up on a rainy day and realising you don't have to go out and get wet.

    2. Seeing all your friends complaining about commuting on Facebook, while smugly sitting in your bed.

    3. Getting out of bed 5 minutes before your workday starts.

    4. Working in your pyjamas.

    5. Working in your bed.

    6. Working from your sofa.

    8. Taking part in important phone calls in your pyjamas.

    7. Taking part in important phone calls completely naked.

    9. Skyping people while not wearing underwear, because they can't see your legs.

    10. Talking to important people on the phone knowing you haven't showered.

    11. Getting out of bed and putting smart clothes on, for fun.

    12. When the post arrives.

    13. When the post arrives and there is a mysterious handwritten letter.

    14. When you get to enjoy the thrilling experience of signing for your neighbour's parcel.

    15. When the home phone rings unexpectedly and every exciting possibility goes through your mind.

    16. (But it's usually something to do with PPI.)

    17. When someone knocks on your door.

    18. When one of your neighbours walks past the window.

    19. When you realise you have a mental schedule of the times some of your neighbours leave in the mornings and it has become slightly weird.

    20. When a friendly cat comes to visit your garden regularly.

    21. (And when you lure it into your house.)

    22. When a big dog you haven't seen before walks past your front window.

    23. When you see an interesting bird in your garden.

    24. When a pigeon appears on your windowsill.

    25. When there is a police car in your street.

    26. When any kind of emergency vehicle goes past with the siren on.

    27. Listening to weird daytime debate radio programmes.

    28. Having your text read out on a daytime radio debate programme.

    29. When you run out of milk and get to enjoy the thrill of walking to the shops in the middle of the day.

    30. Putting the central heating on.

    31. Managing to get all your laundry done in your coffee breaks.

    32. Being able to get the extremely cheap middle-of-the-day Tesco delivery slots and feeling like a smug bastard.

    32. The possibility of being able to work from your local coffee shop.

    33. (Followed by the immediate realisation that this is a terrible idea.)

    34. Going somewhere for lunch that is really busy on the weekends during the week.

    35. Sneakily meeting a friend for lunch.

    36. Getting to interact with other humans for business reasons.

    37. Actually remembering how to interact with humans.

    38. Being able to finish work at exactly 5pm and then being actually free from then on.

    39. Not getting distracted by everything and actually doing some work.