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22 Things That Seemed Cool As A Kid That Actually Suck As An Adult

Back seat of the bus = not exciting.

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1. Staying up really late.

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As a kid: Having a bedtime SUCKS I will literally stay up until past midnight every night when I am an adult.

As an adult: Going to bed at 10pm and getting nine hours sleep is the best.

2. Sleeping in 'til 12pm on the weekend.

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As a kid: Yay going to sleep until midday!!

As an adult: Well I have stayed in bed until noon but now I won't be able to get to sleep until about 3am before work on Monday which will be awful. I regret this so much.


4. Eating microwave meals.

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As a kid: Yayyy microwaved dinner! Finally, I don't have to put up with another one of mum's awful, healthy, home cooked meals filled with vegetables.

As an adult: I wish I had someone to home cook a meal for me.

5. Getting takeaways all the time.

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As a kid: The DREAM. More pizza! So ridiculous that my parents won't let us get this every night.

As an adult: Well this takeaway food is delicious but I am ordering it because I am either too tired or too lazy to cook and I will probably feel guilty about it immediately afterwards.

6. Eating cake/chocolate for breakfast.

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As a kid: I LOVE chocolate I am absolutely going to eat it every day when I'm an adult.

As an adult: I mean, I could eat this chocolate for breakfast, but that will probably make me feel terrible for the rest of the day so I guess I'll just have this toast.

7. Snow days.

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As a kid: Yay no school. I can spend the day having snowball fights. Awesome!

As an adult: Well now I either have a lengthy and possibly dangerous commute to work or will have to stay at home and get really behind on all my work. This is hugely inconvenient.


9. Having financial responsibility.

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As a kid: I wish I had my own money so I could buy all the games I want.

As an adult: Being financially responsible is really stressful and apparently I have to spend most of this on rent and student loans.

11. Having a job.

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As a kid: My parents' jobs seem really exciting and important, I want to work at the business factory.

As an adult: Such bullshit that I have to get to this place at the same time every day.


14. Going to airports.


As a kid: Going to the airport is SO EXCITING can't wait to go through security!

As an adult: I better check I picked up my passport for the 50th time. I hope the security line isn't too long? Do I have time to get a coffee? I probably shouldn't I'll want to get some sleep on the flight. Did I pick up my passport?


16. Everything to do with being in the car.

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As a kid: Being in the car is great, specifically being in the car at night. So cool.

As an adult: I have to DRIVE this thing and pay for it goddammit.

17. Drinking coffee.

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As a kid: It looks so cool and sophisticated when adults drink coffee, why am I not allowed?

As an adult: This is as close as I can get to doing drugs at work and I am horribly addicted. I'm not even sure I like the taste that much.

18. Drinking wine.

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As a kid: That looks pretty fancy TBH.

As an adult: Wine is fucking amazing, kid me was right, except it sort of sucks because I am not at the point in my life where I can afford fancy wine so I am drinking this shit that tastes like paintstripper. Oh and now I am hungover.

21. Going to the supermarket

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As a kid: If I am really sneaky my mum won't see me sneaking Nutella in the trolley.

As an adult: I have to buy vegetables and at the end I have to pay for all of this. I am tired.