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19 Things That Are Romantic In Films But Terrible In Real Life

Let's be honest, kissing in the rain is just COLD.

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1. Being willing to "do anything" to get a date with someone.

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Remember that scene in The Notebook where Ryan Gosling hung on a ferris wheel to make Rachel McAdams go on a date with him, that was cute wasn't it? OH NO WAIT he was literally blackmailing her into a date by threatening to kill himself. Good times.

2. Fighting a potential romantic rival.

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It's so romantic when your lover beats the shit out of someone and smashes up a restaurant for your love <3. In reality there'd probably be a court case and definitely some community service at least.

4. Having a quirky origin story about how your relationship was based ON A BET.

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Just seems super dark and a bit sad in real life. And it means one of you is probably kind of a douche, if you're initially willing to date someone for some sort of reward.


5. Kissing in the rain.

"Well it's fucking freezing, I've wrecked my new shoes, and I don't see why we couldn't have just done this inside my perfectly good house where it isn't raining."

7. Anything sexy involving pouring honey/chocolate sauce all over yourself.

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The thing movies don't show is the inevitable hours and hours you'd have to spend scrubbing your kitchen floor/sheets the next day.

8. Filling a room with gratuitous sex candles.

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Candles are nice but lots of open flames, and throwing your clothes around the room in a moment of passion is ASKING for a visit from the fire brigade.


9. Showering together.

Another thing that's awesome in theory, but unless you have an enormous shower with two heads someone is going to be standing getting cold 50% of the time. And if you've got a tiny cubicle shower how the fuck are you meant to move around?


14. Complete surprise proposals in public.

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Marriage is expensive as hell so ~maybe~ it should be something you've talked about before, rather than a total surprise? And they're probably only going to say yes because of social pressure. So romantic...

15. Turning up at your partner's workplace to confess your love.


In theory, lovely, in practice, you're going to have to go straight back to work, and this is going to happen in front of all your weird work colleagues. There would probably be a follow- up company email about not doing grand declarations of love in the conference room.

16. Running after someone at the airport to stop them getting on a plane.

If you try and run past security you're probably going to be a on the No Fly List for the rest of your life. And they're NEVER going to get a refund on that ticket at the last minute.


17. Stopping your own wedding at the last second because you love someone else.


Could you not have cancelled the wedding/confessed your love to that other babe when it wasn't too late to get a refund on the catering?

18. Stopping someone else's wedding at the last second to tell them you love them.

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Again, COULD YOU NOT HAVE TOLD THEM BEFORE? And what are all the guests supposed to do now? Also, you're definitely banking on them saying yes, and their fiance not literally murdering you.