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21 Things That Mildly Thrill Everyone Who Works In Retail

*sees customer approaching just before close* *locks door*

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1. When you're just done tidying your section and a customer comes over and doesn’t totally fuck it up.

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2. When you go and get something from the stockroom for a customer and they don’t make you go down five more times.

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3. When a customer is friendly and accommodating when you tell them you’re out of their size.

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4. When a someone rude wants to speak to the manager and you get to give the absolute best response.

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5. When you peel a sticky label off in one go.

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6. When you know ~exactly~ where the label is on something weird shaped and it scans first time.

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7. When you get to use a radio at any point.

And feel like you're a spy.
Dimension Films/Troublemaker Studios / Via

And feel like you're a spy.

8. When you discover a counterfeit note.

All HELL breaks loose.
Eric Skiff / Via Flickr: ericskiff

All HELL breaks loose.

9. And when someone in your store intercepts a shoplifter and basically becomes a company celebrity.

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10. When a customer asks you to help them pick out a gift and they’re really pleased with it.

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11. When you didn't work out who the mystery shopper was but you were nice to them anyway.

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And your manager compliments your excellent work.

12. When you sneak in a minute late from your break and your boss doesn't notice.

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13. When you get to work on the same shift as your work BFF.

14. Or, even better, when they offer to cover for you.

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15. When you start cashing up your till and nobody comes over to try and buy something.

16. And then the till adds up perfectly.

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17. When you see a customer coming a mile off so you slyly lock the door.

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18. When you get to leave exactly as your shift ends.

19. When you wake up super early and realise you have the day off.

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So you can go back to sleep. Yess.

20. When you get a public holiday off work.

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21. Especially if it’s a sale day.