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43 Things That Mildly Thrill All Students

*Goes to careers office to steal pens*

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1. The day your student loan comes in so you can go to the supermarket and buy cheese again.

2. When a business does a recruitment talk on campus and you go because there's free food, even though you have no intention of becoming an accountant.

3. Getting free pens from the careers office.

4. Cleanly tearing a piece of paper out of a notepad without ripping the top off.

5. Getting your favourite seat in the library.

6. Making eye contact with ~that~ hot person in the library.

7. Having an entire fictional relationship in your head with ~that~ hot person.

8. When you're broke but have the exact amount of printer credits left to print your essay.

9. Finding a textbook you need for your course at a reasonable price online and/or in the library.

10. Not doing the required reading for a seminar but managing to contribute because you once watched a TV show on the topic four years ago.

11. Waking up five minutes before a lecture starts and discovering it has been cancelled.

12. When someone arrives late to a lecture and the lecturer publicly shames them.

13. (Especially when it's one of your friends.)

14. When you get to do a group project with your course friends.

15. Spending a Thursday eating biscuits in bed because YOU CAN.

16. Staying up really late because nobody is going to tell you to go to bed.

17. (Even though you definitely regret it the next day.)

18. Getting paid to do weird psychological tests for the university.

19. Getting free toasties from the Christian union and running away before they can get to the Jesus bit.

20. Going to the freshers' fair every year to stock up on pens and condoms even when you're not a fresher.

21. When someone you know is in the student paper.

22. When something scandalous happens at your uni and makes it into the national press.

23. Getting a student discount in a really random shop.

24. Buying something exceptionally fancy from the discount section of the supermarket like smoked salmon or an entire cheesecake.

25. Discovering that the fancy thing you treated yourself to hasn't been eaten by your sneaky housemates.

26. Inventing a new way to cook noodles that doesn't look and taste like vomit.

27. When there is a fire alarm in your student halls and you get to see who sheepishly comes out of someone else's room.

28. When your housemate cleans.

29. Eating pasta straight from the saucepan because fuck dishes.

30. When a local neighbourhood cat decides to bless your student house and visits you every day.

31. Putting the central heating on.

32. When your parents come to visit and take you out for dinner.

33. When your parents take you to Sainsbury's and you act like you're on Supermarket Sweep.

34. Buying two pints in a student bar and getting change from a fiver.

35. When proper vodka is on offer so you don't end up drinking that horrendous Basics one that tastes like paint stripper.

36. "Inventing" the Basics vodka and Basics squash cocktail.

37. When two of your housemates get off with each other.

38. Purposefully saying something ridiculous during Never Have I Ever so you can catch your friend out.

39. Waking up after a heavy night without a hangover.

40. Setting an alarm for a 17-minute nap.

41. Reading weeks where you do nothing for six days and then do all the reading on the last day.

42. When you come up with your dissertation title at the last minute and your supervisor doesn't immediately laugh you out of the room.

43. Actually handing in your dissertation.

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