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    21 Pictures Of Food That Will Give You Extreme Trust Issues

    Close enough.

    1. These fries.

    2. These buns.

    3. This ~sort~ of similar dessert.

    4. This apple cobbler.

    5. This cake.

    6. And these brownies.

    7. These mushrooms.

    8. This pizza.

    9. This wrap.

    10. This splat of a meal.

    11. This horror lolly.

    12. And this honestly terrifying Powerpuff Girl.

    13. This Tweety.

    14. And this popular cartoon sponge.

    15. This beautiful tuna salad.

    16. These not very legit cookies.

    17. This cookie that proves even grandmas can't be trusted.

    18. This really sad dog.

    19. And this one that has seen better days.

    20. This lasagne.

    21. And this stunning cannelloni.