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    23 Things That Happen At Every Summer Wedding

    You WILL be forced to eat a roast dinner even though it's boiling.

    1. Half the guests will turn up late because of summer holiday traffic.

    2. A baby will start crying at a crucial moment in the ceremony.

    CBS / Via

    3. Someone will film the entire thing on an iPad.

    4. Someone’s nan will wear a massive hat which will be the focal point of all the pictures.

    5. The flower girl will have a tantrum/cry.

    Queen of flower girls, Grace Van Cutsem.

    6. The official photos will take several hours.

    And everyone will get bored and hangry.

    7. The marquee will be bloody stifling.

    8. And everyone will be forced to eat a roast even though it is BOILING.

    9. But somehow it will still probably rain.

    10. An elderly relative will say something offensive during dinner.

    Working Title Films / Via

    11. The best man’s speech will involve a highly inappropriate anecdote about the stag do.

    12. The cake will be a bit gross.

    13. The single persons table will get raucously drunk and loud by 6pm.

    14. The DJ will play a mix of "YMCA", "The Macarena" and "Gangnam Style".

    15. And someone will definitely request "Come on Eileen".

    16. One of the bridesmaids will cop off with an usher.

    Working Title Films / Via

    17. A man wearing a kilt will “accidentally” flash everyone.

    18. One of the uncles will get drunk and do some inappropriate flirting.

    Working Title Films / Via

    19. And a small child will vomit on the dance floor after eating too much cake.

    20. There will be highly inappropriate dancing.

    Slut dropping to Iggy in front of your Mum? Totally acceptable at weddings.

    21. And the ushers will definitely take their shirts off.

    And tie their ties round their heads. No-one knows why.

    22. 20% of the guests will end up sleeping somewhere they didn’t expect.

    Fox / Via

    Hotel lobby sofa/someone else’s room/the cloakroom/the floor= all good options.

    23. And a number of people will avoid eye contact at breakfast the next day.

    HBO / Via

    You know what you did.

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