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    22 Things People Who Are Shit At Cooking Will Understand

    *Googles "how to boil an egg"*

    1. When you can't cook, even the simplest things can be incredibly challenging.

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    2. Like how to fry an egg.

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    3. Or make an omelette.

    4. Really any kind of egg is a huge obstacle that cannot be overcome.

    5. Simple things like toast aren't as easy as they look.

    6. And no matter how few ingredients you use, somehow it just goes badly.

    7. Trying to understand a recipe is basically impossible.

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    8. Even something that looks easy on Pinterest somehow looks horrendous when you try it.

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    9. So often you'll cry for help.

    10. When you do successfully cook something without burning the house down, it's ~never~ the right amount.

    made way too much pasta, ye canny win.

    11. Trying to bake is basically impossible.

    12. And even packet mixes can be a challenge.

    13. It's all too easy to forget a very important ingredient.

    14. And it never seems to work when you improvise with measurements.

    15. Half the time you don’t have the right cooking equipment in the first place.

    16. Or enough pans.

    17. You always end up cutting yourself making something really simple.

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    Beware bread.

    18. There is no bigger stress than being asked to bring a dish to a dinner party.

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    Just bring wine it's basically a food.

    19. Except cooking for your partner for the first time.

    20. Because every dinner turns into a terrible episode of Chopped.

    21. Then you realise you went through all that struggle just to do hundreds of dishes.

    22. At least frozen pizza will never betray you.

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    Oh wait...