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    24 Things Everyone Who Grew Up On A Farm Will Understand

    When 6am counts as a lie-in.

    1. You had to get up ridiculously early every day to help with the farm.

    2. You have spent your entire life wearing wellies.

    3. Your idea of fun as a child was climbing on hay bales.

    4. But when you got old enough making bales became the bane of your life.

    5. But it still wasn't as bad as mucking out.

    6. Your family could only go on holiday in a very small window of time every year.

    7. And you spent your school summer holidays working on the farm.

    LoveToTakePhoto / Via

    "Woo, six weeks off school – so much freedom!"—You.

    "Woo, free labour to help with the harvest"—Your parents.

    8. You were never fazed by the concept of random animals being in your house.

    Lamb recovering nicely thanks to the Aga

    Specifically lambs being warmed up with the Aga.

    9. And you have watched plenty of animals give birth so you're not squeamish at all.

    10. You learned to drive farm equipment before you learned to drive a car.

    helikimalle / Via

    Probably a tractor or a quadbike.

    11. You were either an active member of the Young Farmers or thought they were odd.

    12. But you definitely saw your fair share of Young Farmers' tug of war and ploughing matches.

    13. Agricultural shows were the social highlight of your year.

    14. At least one person you know went to Harper Adams or RAU.

    15. Your nearest neighbours were absolutely miles away.

    16. If you ran out of anything you had to drive miles to the nearest shop to get it.

    17. But you probably grew a lot of your own food anyway.

    18. And you knew you couldn't get too attached to your animals.

    19. You’re pretty used to being cold.

    20. But when the summer came around you sported a fetching farmer's tan.

    21. You never had good phone signal because you were in the middle of nowhere.

    No sexting for you.

    22. And your internet was probably really slow.


    Fibre internet? HAHAHA.

    23. There were no taxis, so all teenage parties involved camping in a field afterwards

    24. And even though sometimes it sucked, you can’t imagine growing up anywhere else.

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