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    31 Useless Things Every Teenager Bought From Camden Market

    So many pairs of fingerless gloves.

    by ,

    1. Unofficial Banksy merchandise.

    pickaposta / Via

    2. Piano belts.

    piratenladen / Via

    Important to wear several belts at once.

    3. Black tutus.

    alison231716 / Via

    4. Fingerless arm warmer gloves.

    dinny9 / Via

    Or lace ones, if you were feeling really risky.

    5. Striped skinny jeans.

    runandfly08 / Via

    6. Earrings that were massive spikes.

    themagicpocket / Via

    7. Plugs.

    Daisy Romwall / Via

    8. Really inappropriate Cyberdog rave clothing.

    Most likely you just dared each other to go into the basement.

    9. Spiked wrist cuffs.

    sc1905 / Via

    "It's not a phase mum, it's who I am".

    10. Rolling Stones tongue belt buckles.

    krislewis101 / Via

    11. Sound activated equalizer t-shirts that lit up.

    1qwerty11 / Via


    12. Neon face paint.

    neonbeautyuk / Via

    To put on your face in dots at Reading Festival.

    13. Neon hair extensions.

    izzie-wizzie / Via

    14. Manic panic hairdye

    great_buy / Via

    15. Hilarious weed related items.

    To indicate your lack of respect for society.

    16. Shisha pipes.

    teamdream7 / Via

    17. Incense.

    Ashley Coates / Via Flickr: ashleycoates

    18. Grunge army jackets.

    rollwiththevintage87 / Via

    19. Doc Marten "style" boots.

    goldspinning2014 / Via

    20. Criminal Damage skull dresses.

    vintagefizz / Via

    21. Superhero t-shirts.

    Superman for scene kids, Batman for emos.

    22. Green Day wristbands.

    planet13rocks / Via

    23. Anarchy t-shirts.

    info-dog / Via

    Probably paid for with pocket money from your parents.

    24. Poppers.

    timelytask / Via

    25. Fake Ray Ban wayfarer glasses.

    Claire's / Via

    26. Skull bandanas.

    kitty-sew-sew / Via

    27. These scarves.

    lovarzishop / Via

    In many many colours.

    28. Misfits shoes.

    29. Skinny ties.

    cosmoszero / Via

    30. Clash and Ramones T-Shirts.

    Even though you likely had never listened to any of their music.

    31. Just a bunch of shit with wolves on.

    pelectronic0 / Via

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