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    19 Things Every Retail Worker Has Secretly Done In The Stockroom

    We've all tried to see if we can fit in a cardboard box.

    1. Gone in there to look for something for a customer so you get a little break.

    FOX / Via

    Finally, some silence.

    2. Spent absolutely ages stacking the shelves so they look absolutely perfect.

    @BestOfNike / Via Twitter: @BestOfNike

    3. And then got personally offended when the stockroom is messy.

    i ♥ happy!! / Flickr / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 65634609@N00


    4. Sung Disney songs really loudly when you're in there by yourself.

    Disney / Via

    *screams at mannequin*

    5. Made up an elaborate stockroom game with your colleagues.

    Definitely something along the lines of the floor is lava.

    6. If you work in a clothing store, tried things on when your manager wasn't looking.


    Especially huge mens coats.

    7. And hidden in the rails of clothing.

    [Behind the scenes] Just one of many rails in the CFS stockroom

    Feels so safe.

    8. Accidentally stabbed yourself with one of these.

    You haven’t known pain 'til you’ve stabbed yourself in the hand with one of these bastards.

    9. And snapped a hanger because you don't know your own strength.

    @julia_fowler / Via Twitter: @julia_fowler

    10. Made the mistake of dropping a box of these fuckers on the floor.

    Shopfitting Warehouse / Via

    Never again.

    11. Spent absolutely ages looking for something for a customer.

    Fox / Via

    You KNOW it's in there somewhere.

    12. And then come back onto the shop floor only to realise they have got bored and left.

    Warner Bros. Television

    13. Wrangled with huge mannequins.

    myusernameisnotyourconcern / Via

    They are bigger than they look.

    14. Secretly looked at your phone.

    CBS / Via


    15. Climbed up the shelves for a dare, even though you definitely weren't supposed to.

    Action Storage / Via

    It's like a climbing frame! (Do not do this).

    16. Although you slightly lived in fear of knocking a shelf over.

    Only to have tonnes of boxes rain down on you.

    17. Got slightly excited when a new product came in and you were the first one to see it.


    New things!!

    18. Picked stuff out that you wanted to buy with your staff discount.

    Pixar / Via

    Before your colleagues get their hands on it.

    19. And of course, tried to see if you could fit in a cardboard box.

    @highway_62 / Via Twitter: @highway_62

    The ideal place to hide, tbh.

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