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18 Of The Most Dad Things Dads Do On Family Vacations

We should probably leave for the airport right now.

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2. Or if you’re driving, insist on leaving before sunrise.

Off camping. Dad packing #ftw #Tetris

This is so they can miss the traffic, which is made up of all the other dads who've also decide to leave before sunrise.

3. Comment on where other cars have come from.

VT hawkeye / Wikimedia Commons / BuzzFeed / Via

"He's come from Germany. I wonder what he's doing all the way over here." Particularly exciting in the US, where a lot of cars feature a different state.


6. Exclusively wear hats and T-shirts that they got for free.

Usually things he has acquired from trade shows/conferences/sporting events.

8. Take unreasonably long videos of things that aren't really that interesting.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel / Via

Usually of some sort of slightly dull local wildlife. He'll then make you watch these back when you get home.


15. Fall asleep somewhere random in the middle of the day.

Day 2 of burr family vacation and dad fell asleep on a bench at the museum lol stay tuned for more excitement

Travelling is exhausting tbf.

16. Become extremely concerned about ATM charges.

tibets / Via

Shoutout to all the dads out there still telling horror stories about the time they got charged £10 for using their credit card in Spain one time 14 years ago.