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    19 Of The Most Dad Things Dads Do At Christmas

    *Spends hours talking to relatives about which route to drive home*

    1. Worry about the Christmas tree.

    Purestock / Getty Images/@JCarey_3/BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @JCarey_3

    2. Buy the Christmas TV guide and read it cover to cover.

    Mary Hutchison / Via Flickr: mary_hutchison

    Paying special attention to highlighting reruns of 1970s comedy shows and westerns.

    3. Complain about the Christmas lights being left on.

    can72/Thinkstock/@TaraDJohnson/BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @TaraDJohnson

    4. Spend loads of money on cheese.

    dlftv / Via

    5. But buy all the Christmas presents at the last minute in an extremely stressful one hour period in one shop.

    ABC / Via

    6. So he'll probably give you something “useful” as a present.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    Like a spanner or an extension lead.

    7. Wrap presents either extremely badly or extremely well.

    @Ashylnn_Serepca / Via Twitter: @Ashlynn_Serepca

    Dads wrap gifts with military precision or like a five year old there is no inbetween.

    8. Or wrap presents so they look like something else, as a hilarious prank.

    @Pear_Ann_ / Via Twitter: @Pearl_Ann_

    9. Insist everyone reads out their Christmas cracker jokes.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    And laughs at all the jokes.

    10. Always secretly want to receive the screwdriver set.

    11. Spend hours talking to one of your uncles about a sporting event that happened this year.

    Channel 4/BuzzFeed / Via

    12. Ask for the same present every year.

    Fuse / Getty Images/@em_elsey/BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @em_elsey

    13. Receive a head torch or some sort of camping clothing for Christmas and then wear it all day.

    my dad is ironing with a headtorch on. merry christmas guys..

    14. Fall asleep in front of the TV.

    Rtimages / Getty Images

    Default position.

    15. Get really obsessed with the thermostat.

    well my dad taped the thermostat so that I couldn't turn the heat up anymore.


    16. Talk at length about which roads you are going to use to get to your relatives' house.

    BBC / Via

    And also backseat drive excessively if you are driving.

    17. Talk about the risk of black ice.

    BBC/BuzzFeed / Via

    18. Get really anal about how the Christmas wrapping paper recycling should be organised.

    19. Get panicky about whether it is rubbish or recycling collection day because Christmas has screwed it up.

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @em_elsey


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