21 Things Only National Trust Members Will Understand

    There's absolutely nothing worse than forgetting your pass.

    1. You probably originally joined for the free parking.

    2. But now there's barely a weekend when you're not looking round an historic house.

    3. Or a wonderful garden.

    4. Because some of them are seriously beautiful.

    5. So you're always looking for new places to go near where you live.

    6. And there's absolutely nothing worse that driving somewhere and realising you forgot your pass.

    7. You have a passport and get very excited about getting stamps.

    8. And you may have even planned your holidays around where there are lots of National Trust places to visit.

    9. You have played the National Trust game walking around historic houses.

    10. You've probably got quite good at identifying types of architecture.

    11. You feel the need to read every single piece of information inside.

    12. And you've definitely found yourself slightly stuck in conversation with a very chatty volunteer.

    13. You don't consider it a proper visit unless you visit the tearoom.

    14. So you have strong opinions about the best things they serve.

    15. And you actually understand this pun.

    16. You've probably sat on these specific benches while trying to eat your picnic without being attacked by wasps.

    17. Obviously you have to go to the gift shop.

    18. And you've probably considered buying one of the ducks at some point.

    19. But you know that the National Trust isn't just about houses, because it has some of the best beaches in the world.

    20. And some seriously beautiful views.

    21. Damn.