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    23 Things All '00s Green Day Fans Desperately Wanted

    *Covers entire wall in Kerrang posters*

    1. Loads of mini badges.

    2. Massive amounts of black eyeliner, so you could perfect the look.

    3. Sweat bands.

    4. Or pink sweatbands, for special occasions.

    5. Patches to sew all over your possessions.

    6. A studded belt.

    7. Black converse, that you would write meaningful lyrics on.

    8. And customise with these laces.

    9. Exciting braces.

    10. A skinny red tie.

    11. A bedroom wall covered in these posters.

    12. And all the big "vintage" Kerrang! centerfold ones.

    13. Or proper posters from a shop, if you were fancy.

    14. A much coveted tour pick.

    15. A Nimrod t-shirt.

    16. And a Dookie mug, to prove that you HAD listened to the older albums.

    17. A record clock.

    18. Handmade bracelets that proved your dedication.

    19. And meaningful lyric artwork.

    20. A mini version of Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar.

    21. The Bullet in a Bible CD with the DVD.

    22. A sweet American Idiot air freshener.

    23. And of course, an American Idiot hoody.